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My Tips for success:

being successful is not about luck or destiny. Success is a result of a hard work and manifestation.

successful people put the effort and the hard work required to reach their goals.

Here i will share with you some tips successful people do to reach their goal an d manifest success in their life, you can do it too.

*There is no perfect time to when to start manifesting your dreams, the perfect time is NOW.

*Do not wait to find the best time or the perfect plan to start manifesting your dreams, just take the first move and things will work out.

*Get out from your comfort zone and try something new, if you never try, you will not fail and you will not succeed either.

*Do not cry on the Spilt milk, crying will not bring it back, go buy another milk from the store.

*take the responsibility upon your own actions and learn from your own mistakes.

* Do not waste your time winging to people about your problems , no body cares.

*Ask for help when you need need it, smart people ask for help.

*Leave the past in the past, there is where it is belong and you keep moving forward.

*talk less and listen more, when you talk, you will hear what you already know.

*Do not give up on your dreams and never lose hope, one day your dream will come true, your today's dream is your tomorrow's reality.

*Be smart to know when to let go of what no longer serve you and start a new life path.

*Hold on to your resources and spend them wisely.

*Time is a very valuable resource, time equal money, so don't waste your time on people or things who don't serve your life path.

*Always be positive, your positivitey will bring positive outcomes to your life. Like attracts like.

*Stay away from negative people they are energy suckers, you do not need this in your life.

*figure out what you wan and be honest and clear with yourself, half of our problem of not achieving success that we do not know exactly what we want.

*Focus in one thing in a time, this will make your head clear and will release your stress and you will achieve faster.

* Be open to others opinion and point of view, diversity which make the life tasty.

*know that every task has more than one way to do it, just figure it out.

*Approach your goal with a plan with a time frame and assess your progress from time to time.

*You need to be ODD to be number ONE, think out of the box and be creative.

*Reaching to the top is not the end of your journey, you need to keep the good work to stay on the top.

*Do not be gealous of other people success, everyone has his own path and walk in his own journey, just focus on your life path and your own manifestation.

*Give thanks and be grateful of what you have, no matter how big or small it is and remember that your nightmare is someone else's dream.

wishing every reader best of luck and lots of success in their life path.


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